Deep Six by Doodoo Wah



Doodoo Wah, the irreverent folk duet from California’s Mother Lode, releases their sixth album — and their first in nearly six years. It’s the duet’s most eclectic project yet — mostly acoustic and partly electric, part studio and part live. But most important, it’s a lot of what their fans are used to: Great licks and laughs on subjects ranging from presidential politics (“Florida” and “Bush It” are two of the cuts) to the courts (“Clyde and Jesus and the Pledge of Allegiance”) to general humor (“Don’t Pet the Dog”) to radio commercials (“Robin’s Bail Bonds” and “Sweet Pea Septic Service).” The album packs a generous 30 tracks. Some of them are short, but the entire package holds nearly as much music as fits on a CD.[table “chc01762_1” not found /]