Electro-Shock Blues by Eels



1Elizabeth On The Bathroom FloorEels02:10
2Going To Your Funeral Part IEels02:37
3Cancer For The CureEels04:45
4My Descent Into MadnessEels03:54
53 SpeedEels02:45
6Hospital FoodEels03:23
7Electro-Shock BluesEels02:29
8Efils' GodEels03:19
1Going to Your Funeral Part IIEels01:30
2Last Stop: This TownEels03:27
3Baby GeniusEels02:03
4Climbing To The MoonEels03:38
5Ant FarmEels02:06
6Dead Of WinterEels02:59
7The Medication Is Wearing OffEels03:52
8P.S. You Rock My WorldEels03:08


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