Evolution – Kadri Gopalnath, Ronu Majumdar, Abhijit Banerjee



An exciting and rare collaboration between the traditions of South Indian Sax maestro Kadri Gopinath and North Indian Bansuri master Ronu Majumdar with a red hot percussion section. Experience the energy of this great concert at the world renowned Saptak festival India.

1Raga Hansadhwani - AlapKadri Gopalnath, Ronu Majumdar18:14
2Raga Hansadhwani - Jhor JhallaKadri Gopalnath, Ronu Majumdar06:34
3Raga Hansadhwani - Pilu Gat in Addha TaalKadri Gopalnath, Ronu Majumdar25:09
4Percussion Solo featuring tabla, Mridangam and MorsingKadri Gopalnath, Ronu Majumdar17:16


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