Favorite Poems for Children Coloring Book by Illustrated by Susan Gaber

By Illustrated by Susan Gaber



Many first encounters with great poems could be made even more satisfying and memorable given the chance to add original color to the poetic event. Here is the chance — 17 classic poems by 11 distinguished poets, suggestively embellished for coloring by Susan Gaber. A total of 40 drawings complement poems by Christina Rossetti, Emily Dickinson, Lewis Carroll, Gelett Burgess, H. W. Longfellow, Edward Lear, Leigh Hunt, Eugene Field, Hughes Mearns, and two anonymous bards. Few children early exposed to them ever forget Who Has Seen the Wind or Wynken, Blynken and Nod; all can now gild and preserve their memories in almost any coloring medium, in this handsome, durable coloring book.

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