Fifty Classic Piano Rags by Rudi Blesh

By Rudi Blesh



Selected by a noted music historian, this collection of the best piano rags recaptures the lively mood of the ragtime era. Fifty rags include melodies by such masters as Scott Joplin, James Scott, and Joseph Francis Lamb, and such pieces as The Entertainer — A Rag Time Two Step, Agitation Rag, Possum and Taters, Maple Leaf Rag, Elite Syncopations, The Cascades — A Rag, The Chrysanthemum — An Afro-American Intermezzo, Swipesy Cake Walk, American Beauty, Ragtime Nightingale, Bohemia Rag, and many more.
This book opens flat for easy use at the piano. Its noteheads are large and easy to read, and margins and spaces between staves provide ample room for notes, fingerings, and turnovers. Whether you are interested in studying ragtime as the first truly American school of music, or whether you just want to enjoy its dazzling, energized rhythms at your own piano, this affordable edition offers the very best of the genre.

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