First To Fight



U.S. Marines are dug in and ready in First to Fight, a World War II saga that takes its title from the Marine Hymn, its battle savvy from the techical guidance of a Marine veteran of Saipan and Iwo Jima ‘ and its power from a script by Star Trek veteran Gene L. Coon, himself a Marine sergeant during World War II and the Korean War. Jack Connell (Chad Everett) survives overwhelming battle action on Guadalcanal. Yet his toughest test lies ahead. After a stateside hitch where he receives the Congressional Medal of Honor and marries, he’s no longer a gung-ho devil dog when back in combat. Connell is frozen with fear ‘ until an unflinching Sarge (Gene Hackman) rekindles his courage. Featured player Hackman would achieve acclaim and stardom later that year in another movie troop, playing Bonnie and Clyde’s Buck Barrow.

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