Frames by Lee DeWyze



1FightLee DeWyze3:13
2Fire AwayLee DeWyze2:43
3Silver LiningLee DeWyze3:12
4FramesLee DeWyze4:22
5Like I DoLee DeWyze2:53
6Open Your EyesLee DeWyze3:52
7You Don't Know MeLee DeWyze3:17
8The RideLee DeWyze3:35
9Don't Be AfraidLee DeWyze3:06
10Stay AwayLee DeWyze3:03
11Little Did I KnowLee DeWyze3:41
12Who Would've KnownLee DeWyze2:30
13Breathing InLee DeWyze4:40


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