Gilad: Lord Of The Abs – Hard Core!



The goal of this DVD workout is to increase your explosive core strength and overall stamina. Fitness guru Gilad takes you through four carefully designed circuits: each circuit gets progressively more challenging as you develop your cardiovascular endurance and core strength, and burn off unwanted fat. The progressive circuit approach empowers beginners to improve at their own pace while giving advanced users a complete hard-core workout. Get ready to rock! Why an Entire Series Devoted to Abs? When he set out to develop the perfect abs workout, Gilad soon realized one workout wouldn’t cut it. In order to hit every aspect of this important and complex muscle group, he developed the Lord of the Abs series, a comprehensive abdominal cross-training system designed to give you the core strength you need to improve every aspect of your physical functioning – while burning away fat and sculpting your own 6 pack in record time! Suitable for all levels.

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