हत्यारा (Hatyara)



Daulat Singh and Bhairav Singh, both renowned dacoits, live a very violent lifestyle. Daulat is married to Shanta and has two children viz., Vijay and Geeta. In a freak incident he accidentally kills a man, leaving behind his son and wife almost destitute. Moved by their plight, he surrenders himself to the Police, and is sentence to imprisonment. Whatever money he earns in prison, he sends it to the widow and her son. Due to his good conduct, he is discharged from his jail term and returns home to his now grown-up Forest Officer son and matured daughter, who is of marriageable age. So he meets up with the local Thakur and arranges Vijay’s marriage with his daughter, Gauri. Inspector Prakash, Vijay’s friend, has fallen in love with Geeta and Daulat is more than happy to get them married too. But on the day of marriage, Prakash’s mother recognizes Daulat as the man who killed her husband, and decides to cancel the wedding. An enraged Thakur also breaks off Gauri’s marriage with Vijay, and decides to get her married to Bankelal. When Gauri objects, Banke gets Vijay abducted, but the latter manages to escape and kills Banke only to join hands with Bhairav Singh.Meanwhile, Prakash’s mother has a change of heart when she finds out that Daulat has been providing for her funds all these years. So, she accepts Geeta as her daughter-in-law. But will things fall in place this time or will there be another twist in the story? Watch the movie to find out the enticing climax.

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