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Mission-style architecture and furniture, popular in this country shortly after the turn of the century, was an offshoot of the 19th-century English Arts and Crafts Movement. Deploring machine-age artificiality, Mission furniture sought to blend beauty, simplicity, and utility in an organic unity. Today, Mission-style furniture is enjoying a renascence among craftspeople who admire its unpretentious charms.
Among the most appealing areas of Mission craftsmanship are lamps and shades. Constructed of wood, copper, brass, and a variety of art glass, they offer delightful period ambiance for home or apartment, and a satisfying project for do-it-yourselfers. This book, an unabridged republication of a popular 1911 manual, offers eighteen complete designs for authentic Mission-style lamps and shades. Written by an expert in clear, straightforward language, this concise handbook shows you how to make droplights, reading lamps, chandeliers, desk lights, dome lamps, and other attractive lighting fixtures.
No elaborate equipment is required. Most of the tools needed will be found in the average home workshop or are easily obtainable. Similarly, the materials required are inexpensive and readily available. Easy-to-follow instructions, with complete measurements, are complemented by more than 75 working drawings, diagrams, and illustrations that show you exactly how to proceed.
How to Make Mission Style Lamps and Shades allows even beginners to craft authentic Mission-style lighting fixtures with surprisingly little time and effort, and a minimal outlay for materials and equipment.

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