हमजोली (Humjoli)



Wealth, for Gopal Das was all. For its sake he would sacrifice his love, and his life if need be. He loved the village beauty Shyama, but ditched her to marry Rupa, ugly, but the daughter of a rich man. Some time later, after the death of his wife and daughter in a boat accident, he does marry Shyama. Then like a bolt from the blue he learns that his daughter, Rani Bala is alive. He arranges for her to be brought up away from home, and when she is grown up he appoints her as his secretary, on the condition that she would never reveal their true relationship to anyone. When Rani Bala falls in love with Rajesh, a young and honest man, Gopal Das is all ready to get them married. But Manmohan, a close relation of Shyama, blackmails him, Gopal Das begs Rajesh for help. Gopal Das makes arrangements for Manmohan’s and Rani Bala’s marriage, but breaks it at the last moment. He now values his daughter’s happiness and love more than anything else. What is the secret with which Manmohan blackmailed Gopal Das? Was Rupa alive? What about Shyama and Manmohan?

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