I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi


Roughly translated to “The Days” in English, I Giorni is Ludovico’s second solo piano album and follow up to Le Onde, has seen great commercial success. The title track “I Giorni” entered the UK singles chart at no.32 back in 2011 and has since been certified silver in the UK. Einaudi was inspired to composed I Giorni after hearing a 12th century folk song that originated in the country of Mali. The entire album is a lament following the theme of the song, demonstrating Einaudi’s abilities.


1Melodia Africana ILudovico Einaudi2:17
2I Due FiumiLudovico Einaudi4:21
3In Un'Altra VitaLudovico Einaudi5:20
4Melodia Africana IILudovico Einaudi2:07
5Stella Del MattinoLudovico Einaudi2:13
6I GiorniLudovico Einaudi5:59
7SambaLudovico Einaudi4:14
8Melodia Africana IIILudovico Einaudi4:19
9La Nascita Delle Cose SegreteLudovico Einaudi4:23
10Quel Che RestaLudovico Einaudi4:22
11InizioLudovico Einaudi3:27
12LimboLudovico Einaudi4:28
13Bella NotteLudovico Einaudi5:14
14Canzone Africana IVLudovico Einaudi7:32


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