I Wanna Tell You by Patrick Sweany


In 1999 a young kid named Patrick Sweany went into legendary Suma Studios in NE Ohio and recorded a simple 11 track record featuring only acoustic guitar and one vocal. Most of the tracks were done in 2 takes.That recording made it’s way into the hands of Jorma Kaukonen, Roy Book Binder, and Dan Auerbach (among others), landing Sweany a gig at prestigious Merlefest just a few months later. In honor of the record’s 20th anniversary, Nine Mile Records has pressed this recording onto deluxe 180g vinyl, and Sweany’s mentor and friend Jorma Kaukonen has written the liner notes. 20 years on, and it sounds both relevant and timeless.


1BringTheMoneyHomeSweany, Patrick
2EverydayIsSaturdayNightSweany, Patrick
3WannaTellYouSweany, Patrick
4SleepyTownSweany, Patrick
5BlueAllTheTimeSweany, Patrick
6ChelseaSwingSweany, Patrick
7ReelandRockSweany, Patrick
8AlwaysThinkingOfYouSweany, Patrick
9AllNightBoogieSweany, Patrick
10SouthernBluesSweany, Patrick
11BackInArkansasSweany, Patrick


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