इंसाफ की आवाज़ (Insaaf Ki Awaaz)



Chandrashekhar (Raj Babbar), a dedicated union leader, stands up to mill owner Kailashnath (Anupam Kher) for the workers’ rights. Agitated by Chandrashekhar’s fight, Kailashnath approaches Sanyasi Raja (Shafi Inamdar) to conspire and kill him. Meanwhile Chaurangilal Dumkhia(Kader Khan) is insistent on Kailashnath marrying his daughter Renu (Richa Sharma) to his brother Vikram (Gulshan Grover). When Kailashnath denies his daughter’s hand to Vikram, a spiteful Chaurangilal seeks revenge. Jhansi, a police inspector with the help of her bother Ravi (Anil Kapoor), an advocate, tries to avenge her husband’s murder. But alas, the villains join hands and frame Jhansi as a wayward cop who misuses her power. As a result, Jhansi is humiliated and fired. Will Jhansi get justice? To find out watch Insaaf ki Awaz.

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