Introduction To Partial Differential Equations And Hilbert Space Methods by Karl E. Gustafson

By Karl E. Gustafson



This volume offers an excellent undergraduate-level introduction to the main topics, methods, and applications of partial differential equations.
Chapter 1 presents a full introduction to partial differential equations and Fourier series as related to applied mathematics. Chapter 2 begins with a more comprehensive look at the principal method for solving partial differential equations — the separation of variables — and then more fully develops that approach in the contexts of Hilbert space and numerical methods. Chapter 3 includes an expanded treatment of first-order systems, a short introduction to computational methods, and aspects of topical research on the partial differential equations of fluid dynamics.
With over 600 problems and exercises, along with explanations, examples, and a comprehensive section of answers, hints, and solutions, this superb, easy-to-use text is ideal for a one-semester or full-year course. It will also provide the mathematically inclined layperson with a stimulating review of the subject’s essentials.

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