Kim Ep by Scent



As well as being the most recently announced Wichita Recordings signing, Scent are three mammals in a basement lounge taking turns to look hungrily at white-socked feet through a lopsided crack in the ceiling. A neutral/nocturnal pop group happiest when fed and cleaned by forces from above, half-lit by the sounds of a vacuum choir in the ether. Hot, sick and fragile, they do what they can with their nubile instruments, though sometimes it doesn’t produce the results they want.Where to start describing this music..?! Although hazy, psychedelic and smeared, these tracks are bursting at the seams with melody and harmonies – it was the strength of the song at the core of each warped track they heard that really cemented Wichita’s love for the band in the first place.The three tracks found on the KIM EP are your introduction to the weird and wonderful world of Scent. There is much more to follow. Soon.

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