किस किस की किस्मत (Kis Kis Ki Kismat)



Kis kis ki kismat is a scandalous, sizzling and amusing comedy featuring the sensuous Mallika Sherawat and the multi-talented Dharmendra. Hasmukh Mehta (Dharmendra), a wealthy stockbroker known in the press as the bull of the Share Bazaar is extremely money minded. In a fit of the rage he reprimands his son Harish (Siddharth Makkar) and throws our his wife’s nine-lakh worth sapphire accusing her to be spendthrift. The necklace lands on Meena Madhok (Mallika Sherawat), a runaway bride, and breaks her earring. To make amends, Mehta urges her to keep the necklace and also buys a set of matching earrings and clothes to go with them. Talks about Mehta showering a young girl with expensive gifts and the stories of her alleged affair spread like a wild fire. Meena falls in love with Harish without realizing that he is Hasmukh’s son. This multiple case of mistaken identity plunges through many new layers, eventually bringing about an impending stock market crash before Meena discovers who her would-be benefactor and her would – be finance are.

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