Leslie Sansone: 3 Mega Miles – Includes Free Toning Band!



Make the Most of Every Minute with Mega Miles! For walkers who want more out of their workout, Leslie has created one powerful workout that does it all! You get your cardio with a 3 Mile Super Brisk Walk. You tone while you walk by incorporating the firm band to sculpt the arms, legs, backend, core, and more. But that’s not all! You also get flexibility training with multi-directional moves that improve range of motion and stretch the muscles while you walk. You don’t have to separate workouts on separate days. Just Walk 3 Mega Miles 3 times per week. It’s all here! MILE 1 is 14 minutes of NEW combinations of walk moves! Learn new patterns to shake up those under-used muscles! MILE 2 is a 12 minute mile – you get it done fast because of the 2 minute BOOST in the middle of the mile, and the band targets the core, arms, chest and back! MILE 3 is a 14 minute mile that uses the band in new ways to engage maximum muscles of the upper and lower body. Then the Cool Down Walk & Stretch offers a gentle recovery from the peak pace of this walk and stretches away any tightness in the muscles. It’s the perfect ending to a MEGA workout!

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