Leslie Sansone: Miracle Miles 5 Dvd Set – Featuring Free Super-Sculpting Chain Link Band



The Walk at Home program from Leslie Sansone that millions love now offers a super charged system to get results faster and easier than ever: MIRACLE MILES featuring the NEW Chain Link Band! It’s the all new faster way to walk off weight at home! For over 25 years, our mission has been to spread the good news that just minutes a day of brisk walking is the cure for so many of our health issues…and it’s one of the most effective tools in weight loss! Walk at home workouts are multi muscle, calorie torching, posture perfecting, range of motion improving, health club quality workouts and you just can’t beat this way to walk— for health—for weight loss! The MIRACLE MILES set includes 5 DVD workouts; each Mile includes an “all-in-one” sequence using cardio, strength training and flexibility! The secret is in our included brand NEW Chain Link Band…and now there’s more: Belly Slimming while you WALK; Thigh and Backend Slimming while you WALK; Tone and Trim the Arms while you WALK; Choose a 1 Mile, 2 Mile, 3 Mile, 4 Mile or 5 Mile Workout! That’s 15 BIG Miles of Fitness that you can mix and match anyway that suits your schedule! PLUS 3 bonus toning sessions to target Abs, Legs, Arms, and Total Body! The most effective fitness walking system ever from Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home program! This 15 mile system is easier than ever, the variety makes it more fun than “boring” walks and more effective than a stroll around the neighborhood. You’ll love our all in one system that gives you every essential of fitness: cardio… strength… flexibility… all in one!

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