Leslie Sansone: Walk Your Way Thin – Belly, Buns, & Thighs Slimdown



You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to get leaner, trimmer or stronger. Join Leslie Sansone in this exciting new program and take your walk to the next level. This 3 Mile Walk workout uses the Fit Cuff resistance tubes at the end of the walk for standing exercises that tone the lower body! A special segment follows the walk using the Fit Cuff with floor exercises for sculpting the muscles of the lower body. You will trim your thighs and firm your backend… fast! Bonus Cut: Flat Tummy – Healthy Back! In just minutes you’ll learn the best exercises to flatten the tummy and get a healthy back! All of our famous features of Walk at Home workouts are in this program: Gentle “Warm Up” Walk; Brisk 4 and 5 mile per hour pace; Mile Markers allow you to choose 1, 2, or 3 Miles; Multi-Muscle Movements; Compound exercises for a bigger calorie burn; Easy “Cool Down” Walk; Stretch for a healthy end to your walk.

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