Lieder F??r Geometrische Stunden (CD) by Sankt Otten



A very gentle and meditativ sequence introduces us to this new creation. Is it a synthesizer or a guitar? Whatever! A floating pad passes and returns, layers and shapes are rising. At the end the interaction of man and technology merges into perfect harmony. We are heading monumentally towards a futuristic world, which is frigid and surreal with a monotonous, sometimes gloomy and dark mood.Man and machine are going hand in hand, infused by a hypnotic, motor function 808 beat, encouraging everyone to head-nodding by being almost danceable. Again, the central theme of this release is definitely the minimal, repetitive drum play of Stephan Otten, whereas Oliver Klemm’s ebow guitar drones hovers the tracks. Sankt Otten do not disappoint. With their 11th release, they give us a gem of timeless instrumental music. The holy trinity of krautrock, ambient and contemporary electronica, but always sophisticated and unique Sankt Otten.