Liszt: Wagner Transcriptions by Daniel Barenboim



1Tannhäuser/Wagner: Entry of the Guests on the Wartburg, Trans- cription S. 445 No. 1Daniel Barenboim10:33
2The Flying Dutchman/Wagner: Spinning Song, Transcription S. 440Daniel Barenboim5:58
3Lohengrin/Wagner: Elsa's Dream and Lohengrin's Rebuke", Trans- cription S. 446, No. 2Daniel Barenboim10:28
4Tristan und Isolde/Wagner: Isoldes Liebestod,Transcription S.447Daniel Barenboim7:27
5The Flying Dutchman/Wagner: Ballade, Transcription S. 441Daniel Barenboim5:49
6Rienzi/Wagner: Santo spirito cavaliere, Transcription S. 439Daniel Barenboim9:53


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