Live From Darbar Festival 2006 – Pandit Anindo Chatterjee



The Darbar festival provides a fitting platform for one of the ultimate tabla players of our time…Anindo Chatterjee. If you want to know what this versatile Indian drum is capable of in the hands of a master, look no further than the unique series of recordings from Sense, Live At Darbar

1PeshkarAnindo Chatterjee
2QaidaAnindo Chatterjee
3Chand/RauAnindo Chatterjee
4Delhi QaidaAnindo Chatterjee
5GatAnindo Chatterjee
6Benares BantAnindo Chatterjee
7Khand JatiAnindo Chatterjee
8Jhand Jati RelaAnindo Chatterjee
9Rau/RelaAnindo Chatterjee

1Punjab QaidaAnindo Chatterjee
2Gat/ChalanAnindo Chatterjee
3Misra jati chand/kayida/RelaAnindo Chatterjee
4Mishra Jati ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
5Gat Anindo Chatterjee
6Gat Anindo Chatterjee
7Tisra GatAnindo Chatterjee
8ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
9Drut Teentaal/Tukra/ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
10ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
11Anindoji's SpeechAnindo Chatterjee
12Chakradaar/TukraAnindo Chatterjee
13ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
14Tukra/Gat/ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
15GatAnindo Chatterjee
16Gat/Rela/ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
17Delhi RelaAnindo Chatterjee
18Tukra/Real/Gat/ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
19ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
20Gat/Bedum ChakradaarAnindo Chatterjee
21Laggi/LariAnindo Chatterjee


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