Love, Death & Dancing by Jack Garratt



Love, Death & Dancing is Jack Garratt’s highly anticipated new album. Contains 12 tracks, self-produced with additional production on several tracks by Jacknife Lee, James Flannigan and Brett Cox. The album compiles all four individual volumes of Love, Death & Dancing, kicking off with lead single “Time.” Garratt showcased many of the songs at two special underplays in the US before a UK/European tour in February & March.

1Return Them To The OneJack Garratt04:25
2Get In My WayJack Garratt03:45
3BetterJack Garratt04:15
4Doctor PleaseJack Garratt05:05
5Mend A HeartJack Garratt04:24
6AnyoneJack Garratt05:23
7MaraJack Garratt06:02
8CirclesJack Garratt03:46
9TimeJack Garratt05:37
10She Will Lay My Body On The StoneJack Garratt04:23
11Old EnoughJack Garratt03:57
12Only The BravestJack Garratt07:08