Magic and Mystical Symbols CD-ROM and Book

By Ernst Lehner



Man’s evolution as an artist and designer is traced in this collection of signs and symbols associated with the supernatural. Black-and-white images range from Egyptian representations of life, earth, and fertility to Greek and Roman emblems of Medusa and Zeus, Nordic runs, and early seventeenth-century characterizations of the devil. The set includes:
One CD-ROM containing 171 high-quality, permission-free images scanned at 600 dpi and saved in six different formats (TIFF, PICT, EPS, BMP, as well as Internet-ready JPEG and GIF).
A large-format 64-page book with every image on the CD-ROM printed large and clearly on one side of the page only and numbered for easy reference.
A fascinating compilation for anyone interested in the art of graphic communication, this collection will be a valuable resource for crafters as well as specialists in art and design.

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