Major League: Back To The Minors



What do you do if you’re the new manager of the minor-league team called the Buzz? One suggestion: pray for rain! Instead, Gus Cantrell (Scott Bakula) turns his team from a laughingstock into the equivalent of blue-chip stocks in this third Major League comedy that reunited five series returnees, including wisecracking play-by-play man Bob Uecker. The game may not be over til the fat lady sings, but when Cantrell first skippers the Buzz, she’s a-hummin before the team takes the field. The catcher is living proof why the chest protector and other protective gear are called the tools of ignorance. The ace pitcher should earn frequent-flyer miles for the fast balls opposing batters sock into orbit. The double-play combos motto should be to error is human. The star slugger is a legend in his own mind. They play on diamonds. They work for peanuts. Batter up!

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