Making a New World by Field Music



Field Music’s new album “Making A New World” is released 10 January 2020, a 19 track song cycle about the after-effects of the First World War. Born out of a project the band undertook for the Imperial War Museum, this is Field Music’s first true concept album. This new release from the band follows two projects in 2019 from the brothers separately – Peter’s album with Sarah Hayes as You Tell Me, and David’s Donald Trump funk musical, “45”, as School of Language. Field Music will be touring Making a New World throughout 2020, including a show at Hackney’s EartH.

1Sound Ranging
3Coffee or Wine
4Best Kept Garden
5I Thought You Were Something Else
6Between Nations
7A Change of Heir
8Do You Read Me?
9From a Dream, Into My Arms
10Beyond That of Courtesy
11A Shot To the Arm
12A Common Language Pt 1
13A Common Language Pt 2
14Nikon Pt 1
15Nikon Pt 2
16If The Wind Blows Towards The Hospital
17Only In a Man's World
18Money Is a Memory
19An Independent State