Monty Python’s Total Rubbish! The Complete Collection by Monty Python


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1Flying SheepMonty Python2:50
2A Man With Three Buttocks (Television Interviews)Monty Python2:01
3Crunchy Frog (Trade Description Act)Monty Python3:28
4Nudge Nudge Wink WinkMonty Python1:43
5The Mouse ProblemMonty Python3:14
6Buying A BedMonty Python3:56
7Interesting PeopleMonty Python3:18
8Barber Shop Sketch (The Barber)Monty Python1:43
9Lumberjack SongMonty Python2:21
10InterviewMonty Python3:17
11Arthur Two ShedsMonty Python2:52
12Children's StoriesMonty Python1:13
13VisitorsMonty Python3:49
14AlbatrossMonty Python0:56
15Mr HilterMonty Python4:01
16The North Minehead By-ElectionMonty Python1:51
17Me, DoctorMonty Python0:58
18Dead Parrot SketchMonty Python4:22
19Self DefenceMonty Python6:03
1Another Monty Python RecordMonty Python1:52
2Another Monty Python RecordMonty Python3:54
1Monty Python's Previous RecordMonty Python1:21
2Monty Python's Previous RecordMonty Python20:01
1Matching Tie And HandkerchiefMonty Python21:21
2Matching Tie And HandkerchiefMonty Python19:55
1IntroductionMonty Python0:53
2Llamas / GranadaMonty Python1:47
3Gumby Flower / ArrangingMonty Python1:08
4Terry Jones / LinkMonty Python0:22
5Secret ServiceMonty Python4:53
6WrestlingMonty Python2:06
7Communist QuizMonty Python3:33
8Idiot SongMonty Python3:02
9Albatross / ColonelMonty Python1:46
10ColonelMonty Python0:21
11Nudge NudgeMonty Python2:25
12Cocktail BarMonty Python4:49
13Travel AgentMonty Python5:04
14Spot The Brain Cell / BrucesMonty Python4:22
15Bruce's SongMonty Python1:08
16ArgumentMonty Python2:57
17Four YorkshiremenMonty Python3:17
18Election SpecialMonty Python6:49
19Lumberjack SongMonty Python2:38
20Theme Song 'Liberty Bell'Monty Python1:03
21Parrot SketchMonty Python5:45
22Theme Song 'Liberty Bell'Monty Python1:35
1Monty Python And The Holy Grail (Part 1)Monty Python23:25
2Monty Python And The Holy Grail (Part 2)Monty Python23:43
1IntroductionMonty Python0:44
2Brian SongMonty Python0:19
3The Wise Men At The MangerMonty Python1:29
4Brian SongMonty Python1:29
5Sermon On The Mount (Big Nose)Monty Python1:58
6Stone SalesmanMonty Python0:18
7StoningMonty Python1:59
8Ex-LeperMonty Python1:16
9You Mean You Were Raped? (Nortius Maximus)Monty Python1:21
10Revolutionaries In The Amphitheatre (Loretta)Monty Python3:43
11Romans Go HomeMonty Python1:48
12What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?Monty Python1:49
13BenMonty Python1:27
14Brian Before Pilate (Throw Him To The Floor)Monty Python2:45
15ProphetsMonty Python1:13
16Beard SalesmanMonty Python2:08
17Brian's ProphecyMonty Python1:45
18The HermitMonty Python1:08
19He's Not The MessiahMonty Python3:17
20He's A Very Naughty BoyMonty Python4:07
21Pilate Sentences BrianMonty Python0:53
22Nisus WettusMonty Python0:30
23Pilate With The Crowd (Welease Wodger)Monty Python2:14
24Nisus Wettus With The GaolersMonty Python1:39
25Release BrianMonty Python1:01
26Not So Bad Once You're UpMonty Python0:30
27Revs Salute BrianMonty Python1:20
28Cheeky Is ReleasedMonty Python0:43
29Mandy To Her SonMonty Python0:32
30Look On The Bright Side Of Life (All Things Dull And Ugly)Monty Python3:59
1Monty Python's Contractual Obligation AlbumMonty Python19:21
2Monty Python's Contractual Obligation AlbumMonty Python1:32
1The Meaning Of LifeMonty Python2:12
2Part 1: The Miracle Of BirthMonty Python3:27
3Every Sperm Is SacredMonty Python5:07
4Part 3: Growth And LearningMonty Python4:39
5Part 4: Fighting Each OtherMonty Python4:11
6Terry Gilliam IntroductionMonty Python0:26
7Part 5: Live Organ Transplants (Galaxy Song)Monty Python5:59
8Part 6: The Autumn Years (The Not Noel Coward Song)Monty Python4:36
9Part 7: Death (Christmas In Heaven)Monty Python7:11
10MP Link (Dedication To Fish)Monty Python1:14
1D.P. Gumby Presents "Election '74"Monty Python7:23
2Lumberjack SongMonty Python6:33