Mosaic and Tessellated Patterns by John Willson

By John Willson



As old as ancient Rome, tessellated patterns can be seen in many places today: in Victor Vasarely’s black-and-white paintings, in the designs of Ensor Holiday and M. C. Escher, in Spirograph drawings, and even in computer. John Willson, a research chemist, artist, and teacher, has been creating these dazzling “op art” designs for years. Now, he brings his special expertise to this unusual coloring book. Here you’ll find complete information on tessellations and their creation, including:
• Definition of a tessellation
• History of tessellated designs, beginning with their origin in Rome
• Basic kinds of tessellations and how they are formed
• Detailed instructions for creating your own unique designs from common geometrical shapes
A full 179 figures illustrate the clearly written text. Also included is a special section of 32 full-page plates of tessellations, ready to be colored any way you wish. This is your best introduction to an unusual and rewarding pastime that will afford you many hours of creative satisfaction.

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