Murder Out Yonder

By Stewart H. Holbrook



Praised by Kirkus Reviews as “a brisk, colorful, and cleverly recounted selection of ten crimes,” this gripping book ventures into rural America to uncover true tales of homicide. From “Death and Times of a Prophet,” involving a hypnotic Oregon revivalist known as Joshua the Second, to “Who Called on Sarah Meservey?,” an account of the mysterious slaying of a Maine sea captain’s wife, these reports of backwoods bloodletting crackle with suspense. Culprits include Belle Gunness, a lady Bluebeard who dispatched numerous victims; Harry Orchard, a bomber who haunted Colorado mines; conman Harry T. Hayward, America’s first documented serial killer; and other cutthroats.
Author Stewart Hall Holbrook (1893-1964) worked as a lumberjack, actor, cartoonist, artillery man, and editor. His lively books on American history cover topics as diverse as the timber industry, the Wobblies, Ethan Allen, and eccentrics of the Pacific Northwest. Murder Out Yonder ranges from coast to coast to offer a fascinating variety of real-life crime stories.

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