Music Card: Natya Sangeet



Natya Sangeet’ is a form of Indian Classical and Semi-Classical music. The name literally means ‘Dramatic Music’ or ‘Musical Dramas’ and are also popularly known as Sangeet Natak. It is also one of the two popular forms of vocal arts in Maharashtra. The trend of Sangeet Natakas became quickly popular as people started patronizing it on a large scale. At that time, British Raj ruled in India. Sangeet Natakas were heavily compared to the western Operas and thus, this gave birth to a tantamount form of recreation for the Marathi Indians. In their blooming period, Sangeet Natyas were primarily inspired from mythological stores from Ramayana or Mahabharata. Thus, these stories could easily find a connect with the local Marathi masses. Sangeet Natyas did not depict the entire epic tales. Instead, they were rather restricted to sub-stories from the main epic. Saregama presents 200 of the best Natya Sangeet tracks in a carefully crafted premium Music Card.

320 Kbps MP3 Audio 4 GB (USB Memory Stick)


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