Music Card: S. D. Burman



One of the most revered composers of India Cinema, S.D. Burman’s music still sounds young at heart even after so many decades. Also lovingly called Burman Da or Dada Burman. S.D. Burman’s music touched the soul of his fans and was considered amazingly revolutionary for its time. Along with having a true to the notes classical touch in his music, S.D. Burman’s songs had a mass appeal primarily due to the simplicity in which they were created. They were accessible, hummable and above all memorable. His penchant for doing fewer films than his peers and his strict work ethics made him the number one choice for many producers and actors. Saregama presents 200 of the best songs of the immortal S.D. Burman in a carefully crafted premium Music Card.

320 Kbps MP3 Audio 4 GB (USB Memory Stick)


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