Negative Sound by Buildings



Buildings have completed their fourth full-length, NEGATIVE SOUND, and it is schedule to be released November 22nd, 2019. The trio hails from Minneapolis, a city already well known for its connection to noise rock. They stand alongside other Gilead Media bands Couch Slut and Kowloon Walled City as a select group of artists masterfully harnessing overdriven, rhythmic, and noisy riffs. The intent on Negative Sound was to create something uglier than previous Buildings records, experimenting with different guitar noises and vocal patterns to craft more unnerving and atypical compositions. The result is an album that shatters expectations of what would follow their previous LP, You Are Not One Of Us, and defines Buildings as one of the most important contemporary noise rock bands. Negative Sound is nasty and decisive.

NoTrack NameArtist
1A Good Hill To Die OnBuildings
2Sit With ItBuildings
3Bear the DogBuildings
4Felt Like A PerfumeBuildings
5Piss Up a FlagpoleBuildings
6Certain WomenBuildings
7Dying NASA ScientistBuildings
8Sell Down the RiverBuildings
9Human FilterBuildings
10Thumb in the EyeBuildings