Nilaya – Ulhas Kashalkar – Raga Malkauns, Lalit Pancham



Ulhas Kashalkar is one of the most highly regarded exponents of Indian Khayal singing in the modern era and he is appreciated widely by music lover, critics and connoisseurs alike. This excellent live recording at the Saptak festival captures a great artist at the peak of his powers.

1Raga Malkauns - AlapUlhas Kashalkar06:18
2Raga Malkauns - Vilambit KhayalUlhas Kashalkar27:30
3Raga Malkauns - Vilambit Khayal ContinuedUlhas Kashalkar14:27
4Raga Malkauns - TaranaUlhas Kashalkar10:49
5Raga Lalit Pancham - Bandish in JhaptaalUlhas Kashalkar15:54
6Raga Lalit Pancham - TaranaUlhas Kashalkar02:37


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