No Scare by Health & Beauty



Health&Beauty is the name under which Brian J Sulpizio has released music since 2003. The current lineup of the group has been playing together since 2012, featuring pianist Ben Boye (a constant collaborator since 2009, who also plays with Will Oldham, Angel Olsen and others) and drummer Frank Rosaly (a regular collaborator with Peter Brotzmann and many other jazz and experimental music greats). This version of the group along with bassist Anton Hatwich, made up the band on Ryley Walker’s ‘Primrose Green’. ‘NO SCARE’ is the most euphoric listening experience presented yet in the band’s catalogue, where darkness and light can’t help but complement each other in the short comedy of the human experience.

1Back To The PlaceHealth&Beauty
3Asunción & DayanaraHealth&Beauty
4No ScareHealth&Beauty
5Beyond BeyoncéHealth&Beauty
6Im Yr BabyHealth&Beauty
7Riverside CemeteryHealth&Beauty


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