Objects to Push (Vinyl) by Mitekiss



Since the release of his debut album ‘Crate Six Seven’, that received sup- port from liquid pioneers Technimatic, Makoto, Etherwood and BCee, Mitekiss has been cooking up his latest venture with Hospital Records, the ‘Objects To Push’ EP. Consisting of four sublime tracks that explore the soulful, deeper domains of drum & bass. The musicality and versatility of Mitekiss’ production are brought to light once more, drawing for his love of jazz, disco and 174 beats. ’Matter (feat. Vonn )’ eases in with elegant melodies, soothing piano flour- ishes and the eloquent vocal hooks of London based singer-songwriter Vonn . Named after dark matter, “which represents the lyrics ‘gravity pulling me un- der’”, explains Mitekiss. Smooth liquid-jazz bubbler ‘Tonic’ follows, as hypnotis- ing pads and sophisticated piano licks rest delicately upon a blues-style upright bassline and rolling breakbeats. Teaming up with Bristol’s Ruth Royall, ‘