Starring Rhonda Fleming (Spellbound), Macdonald Carey (Shadow of a Doubt), Juma (Safari) and Earl Cameron (Thunderball), and directed by John Gilling.Steve Stratton (Carey) is a hardboiled hunter who catches and keeps wild animals in an African sanctuary in order to sell them to zoos and circuses. When he hires a new veterinarian named P.J. Muir, he does not imagine that the P stands for Pamela, played by the gorgeous Rhonda Fleming! When he is not trying to dissuade the new vet from staying on, he has to deal with the shenanigans of Odongo, a young orphan who works for Stratton and loves the animals. Although he pretends to not have feelings for either, their enthusiastic energies win Stratton over.After being fired by Stratton, an unscrupulous employee named Walla decides to take revenge. He starts a fire and frees the animals, leaving the blame on innocent Odongo. Because Stratton does not believe him, Odongo runs away. Stratton and Pamela find out who the true culprit is and race against time to find Odongo in the wilds of Africa before Walla can catch him and silence him. Newly remastered.

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