Paisiel (Color Vinyl) by Paisiel


Paisiel is the enigmatic name given to this very special project that features the exceptional talents of Portuguese drummer / percussionist and sonic sculptor João Pais Filipe and the German saxophonist Julius Gabriel. Based on an individual exploration of the sound and on the expressive possibilities of their instruments, the duo’s music seeks to join and systematize their influences, albeit without any obvious correspondences or affinities ‘ resulting in textures and abstract melodies propelled by a mechanical and existential percussion that morphs into a kinetic trance. Heterodox and digressive musicians, they move freely between the repetition of krautrock and techno, jazz, experimental music and other new musical categories


1It's A Dogs LifePaisiel
2I Don't Want To Be AlonePaisiel
3The Crime Of The Century
4Therein Lies Your LiePaisiel
5Like BeforePaisiel


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