Pandit Chandrashekhar – Raga – Bhirav, Bibhas, Bhimpalasi, Dhani



Pandit Chandrashekhar an eminent Sitarist, has obtained the degree of Vadya Visharad and M.A. in Sitar. He was honoured with the title of Surmani’ from the prestigious Sur Sringar Sansad. In -depth knowledge of music was acquiered under the tutelage of two stalwarts in Hindustani classical music, the late Pandit V.R. Athavale and late Pandit Dinkar Kaikini. Chandrashekhar has gained the reputation of conceptualizing innovative theme programs like ‘Trinity’ an instrumental duet of Sitar which simultaneous rendition of three different ragas without changing the swaras.


1Bhairav: Alap and JodPandit Chandrashekhar22:50
2Bibhas: Rupak TaalPandit Chandrashekhar07:22
3Bhimpalsi: Alap, Jod And Dhrupad - ChautaalPandit Chandrashekhar25:43
4Dhani: Rudra TaalPandit Chandrashekhar06:35