Pandit Shridhar Parsekar – Raga – Desi Todi, Miya Malhar, Dhun, Bhairavi



Pandit Shridhar Parsekar (1920-1964) of Goa was the finest hindustani Violinist of the 20th century. He was a musician and a composer of the highest class. Shridhar also composed Marathi songs for record companies like HMV & Odeon.He began composing for plays starting with Rangnekar’s “Kanyaadaan”.

1Desi TodiPandit Shridhar Parsekar16:32
2Miya MalharPandit Shridhar Parsekar23:37
3DhunPandit Shridhar Parsekar12:39
4BhairaviPandit Shridhar Parsekar19:32