Perfect Witness



Owning a restaurant in the meat-packing district of New York, Sam Paxton (Aidan Quinn) can’t run a business unless he runs with the mob. In a world of payoffs and kickbacks, he’s just doing things that are the price of doing business. At least that’s what Sam thought until the night he witnessed the mob killing. Now Sam faces a dilemma. The U.S. Attorney James Falcon (Brian Dennehy) wants him to identify the killer in court, but when the mob’s henchmen break into Sam’s house, terrorizing his wife and child, he realizes that to testify puts the life of his family in danger. Only when the mob tries to persuade him to identify the killer as innocent does Sam face the truth. Unless he takes the risk and stands up for what is right, both he and his family may never be free of the blackmail, corruption and murder that daily affect their lives.

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