प्रतिकार (Pratikar)



Krishna Shrivastav is thrown out on the streets by his paternal uncle, on the death of his father. Gradually the uncle persuades Krishna’s family to believe that he is dead. Meanwhile Krishna has found shelter with Saraswati Devi, his school teacher. She brings him up along with her children, a son and a daughter. Krishna Shrivastav is a young man now. His cousin Raghu an arch criminal, helped by his father, Krishna’s uncle has become a menace. One day Saraswati Devi’s daughter is raped and killed and Saraswati herself crippled by Raghu and his two accomplices. Instead of the criminals being arrested, the police led by Inspector Sooraj the school teacher’s son, are bent upon arresting Krishna. Is inspector Sooraj a rogue cop in the pay of Krishna’s uncle? Will the truth ever be out?

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