Quiet Signs by Jessica Pratt


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Side 1:The Free-for-All: “Show Me the Way” (Kevin Colley)Byron & the Mortals: “Do You Believe Me”The Endd: “Out of My Hands”The Knaves: “The Girl I Threw Away”The Bugs: “Pretty Girl”The Bucaneers: “You’re Never Gonna Love Me Anymore”The Beckett Quintet: “No Correspondence”The Outsiders: “I’m Not Trying to Hurt You”Side 2:The Gestures: “Run Run Run” ‘ rel. 1964The Bold: “Gotta Get Some”The Banshees: “Project Blue”New Colony Six: “At the River’s Edge” – rel. 1966Beethoven’s Fifth: “Come Down” ‘ rel. 1967It’s All Meat: “Feel It”The Bad Roads: “Too Bad” – rel. 1966The Bad Roads: “Blue Girl” – rel. 1966


1Opening Night
Pratt, Jessica
2As The World Turns
Pratt, Jessica
3Fare Thee Well
Pratt, Jessica
4Here My Love
Pratt, Jessica
5Poly Blue
Pratt, Jessica
6This Time Around
Pratt, Jessica
Pratt, Jessica
8Silent Song
Pratt, Jessica
9AeroplanePratt, Jessica


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