Rare & Unreleased by Corruption



Loud, fast and unreleased 1983 OC thrash punk 4-track recordings from Corruption featuring members of Shattered Faith and recorded at Dead Zone in Santa Ana, CA. Also featuring the track Witch Of The Northside, previously only available on the extremely rare 1980s thrash metal compilation Risen From Obscurity.

1Beef to the Core (Early Version) [Explicit]03:30
2Wasteland (Early Version) [Explicit]02:12
3Pick Not Me (Early Version) [Explicit]03:04
4Walk Bitch (Early Version) [Explicit]01:36
5Drunk and Alert (Early Version) [Explicit]02:01
6Drafted at 18 (Early Version) [Explicit]02:05
7Eve of the End (Early Version) [Explicit]03:23
8Witch of the Northside [Explicit]01:57