Ready-to-Use Illustrations of Women’s Heads by Tom Tierney

By Tom Tierney



Considering the frequency with which illustrators, artists, and commercial designers need a “pretty face” – an attractive, appealing portrait of a woman – it is surprising a book of this kind has only appeared. At last, here it is – a handy gallery of women’s heads, smoothly drafted in various poses and activities, all ready-to-use and royalty-free. Noted commercial and fashion artist Tom Tierney offers new designs in sharp black-and-white printed on one side of a page: feminine heads looking, laughing, talking, working, making up, playing, and just being contemporary. The cross-section of types, ages, and styles add to the effectiveness of this collection, as do the numerous frames and borders, the mirror-image repetition of most designs, and the same design repeated in different sizes. Use these profiles, three-quarter, and full faces to advertise, decorate, and embellish, or to stand as complete designs themselves.

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