Ready-to-Use Sale Announcements

By David Gatti



This volume contains over 75 beautifully designed versions of the most frequently used word in all of advertising: “Sale.” Anyone concerned with developing an effective pictorial sales message will find the all-important key work in dozens of eye-catching variations: bold black letters or delicate cursive script; with banners, arrows, exclamation points, and pointed fingers; in three-dimensional lettering; with op-art effects – even “rope” lettering.
Rendered by noted designer and calligrapher David Gatti, these varied designs convey elegance, pizzazz, tradition, and “up-to-the-minuteness.” Most of the designs appear in three different sizes, and because of their intricacy would be highly expensive if purchased from a design studio. Instead, commercial artists, illustrators, and designers can choose from this treasury of royalty-free designs.

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