Remixes by Sarah Pillow



(2-CD set) Sarah Pillow introduced her new concept of giving modern arrangements to early Baroque melodies and texts with the release of “Nuove Musiche” (BUC*7). Here, she further pushes boundaries to give a “before and after” taste to a 400-year time span within two CDs. She gives two distinct, masterful interpretations to these songs, first in the style of Early Baroque and then as a jazz-rock vocalist. The first CD, produced by Ronn McFarlane and Mary Anne Ballard of the Baltimore Consort, is a collection of songs performed as historically informed renditions from the Early Baroque period. The second CD, produced by Tunnels’ Marc Wagnon, features the same songs, in the same sequence, but with modern arrangements. [table “chc00001” not found /]
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