Report To The Commissioner

By James Mills



“One hell of a good suspense story . . . Mills’s book is a spellbinder, ironic in its implications, explosively dramatic in its narrative.” — The New York Times
The youngest detective on the New York City police force, Bo Lockley is eager to prove himself. Ordered to track down “the Stick,” a high-rolling pimp, Bo finds himself at the center of a Times Square shootout. Worse yet, he’s quickly arrested and charged with murder, becoming the scapegoat of a department all too ready to sacrifice a naïve rookie in order to conceal its own corruption.
The ensuing scandal leads to an investigation by the Internal Affairs Division that forms the basis of Report to the Commissioner. So authentic that it reads like a real-life crime investigation, this suspenseful novel recaptures the gritty atmosphere of 1970s New York in its examination of exploited idealism and self-serving ambition. Written by the author of The Panic in Needle Park, this hard-hitting bestseller inspired an acclaimed 1975 movie.

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