Revolution by Little Steven



Revolution is the fourth solo album by Little Steven released in 1989. The Disciples of Soul were gone in all but name (although former Disciple/Young Rascals drummer Dino Danelli did the album art), and the music was largely electronic. Digi-Pak with 8-panel foldout poster.

1Where Do We Go from Here?Little Steven06:00
2RevolutionLittle Steven05:23
3EducationLittle Steven04:44
4BalanceLittle Steven05:16
5Love and ForgivenessLittle Steven04:44
6NewspeakLittle Steven05:22
7SexyLittle Steven04:04
8Leonard PeltierLittle Steven03:45
9Liberation TheologyLittle Steven04:50
10DisciplineLittle Steven06:16