Romance, Caries & Restoration

By Reejuta Panwala



Remember the last time you visited a dentist to get treated for your tooth decay that you got by eating a lot of candies and other sweet stuff? The dentist must have slowly removed the decay and made restorations to fill the empty cavity of your tooth. College romance is no different, It is sweeter then the sweetest bubblegum and then, when lost, when lost, may add the decay of bitterness to your life. The story follows Sonia Patel, a 19- year -old dental student who amidst the 2nd year of her college life faces the ” big bad storm’ when Aryan, a high – class snob, ditches her. The story takes a turn when Sonia is determined to stay strong and starts her journey. The journey from Caries to Restorations could be just as rough as a storm faced by a small boat in the vast ocean. Read and find out the fate of the boat.

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